Agroholding group of farms is strategically located in the South of Teleorman county, along the Danube banks. It enjoys highly fertile lands and favorable climate conditions, which leads to healthy and profitable crops.

Our lands are highly compacted, enabling Agroholding to apply latest technological tools with modern techniques.

In the proximity of national roads and Danube ports, Agroholding benefits from an efficient logistic, which improves access to international and local markets. It owns modern storage facilities for up to 15,000 tons.

Agroholding operational and financial capabilities are very important in the context of a highly fragmented sector in the area, opening continuous opportunity of expansion and investment.

Additionally, our Group owns also Agroconcept Impex, one of the leading importers of agricultural equipment in Romania, creating a strong synergy in the mechanization process.

Our sister company Evergreen Biocrops, located in Oltenita, is a leading player in organic farming for Lavender and Goji berry, adding valuable synergies to Agroholding market dynamics.