Land compaction

The farm boasts an 80-90% compaction rate which is quite rare in Romania

Good location

Easy access to the markets, presence of competitive players

Long Term Rental agreements

Approx. 20 years remaining  

Precision Agriculture

Constant development and implementation by combining GPS & GIS

About us

Who we are

Agroholding is a group of farms in Teleorman County, exploiting approximately 6,000 hectares of arable lands. The farms are located in Contesti, Bujoreni and Lisa villages and create a strategic triangle in one of the most fertile area of Romania.

Agroholding is managed by a team of professional international managers and agronomists with longstanding experience in agriculture in Romania and Europe.

Agroholding is at the forefront of technological development, applying modern techniques of precision farming, minimum tillage, soil preservation.


  • Strategic Location: Benefiting from vast areas of 450.000 ha arable land, Teleorman has attracted many national and international investors and was attended by all major players such as depositories, traders and distributors of inputs. The farm land is of high quality and there is still potential for further investments to increase its value in order to operate as a modern agricultural farming exercise.
  • Soil quality & Productivity: The predominant soil type is suitable for the production of arable crops such as wheat, corn and oil seeds: rape and sunflower. If irrigations are considered, the production capacity of the soil could be substantially increased for all existing crops and also open the perspective of other high value added crops: soy bean, peas, field bean, field tomatoes, potatoes, etc.

Saving and Strategy

Saving and Strategy